Star Wars with Unconventional Sound Effects

For as long as there has been Star Wars, there have been people who have tried to duplicate the sound effects with their mouths. The problem is, some sounds are harder than others to replicate, such as that of the lightsaber or the blaster. Go ahead – give it your best shot. But just because the sounds that come from our mouths usually sound nothing like the sounds from the screen, that doesn’t make them any less hilarious. And usually, we’re just making the sounds to entertain ourselves, our children, or our friends; we’re not usually recording them for the whole world to hear. At least most people aren’t, anyway.

Star Wars with Unconventional Sound Effects

But there are some who release their sound effects to the world, such as the video below. And the result is pretty funny. In the video, the regular character voices are left intact, but most everything else is replaced with sounds made from the human mouth. Have a look for yourself. And while you’re watching, ask yourself: what is it about Star Wars sounds that makes them so fun to imitate?

What do you think? Could you make better sound effects with your mouth? While the original sounds could never really be outdone, it is fun to try.



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