Passenger Films Plane’s Burning Engine With Mobile

While I’ve only flown a few times in my life, I’m not the biggest fan of flying. Don’t misunderstand me – I like being up in the air and gazing down at the tiny world below, but something about the whole experience is just a bit scary to me. After all, there’s more than a few things that could go wrong over the course of the trek through the air, such as, lightning storms, mechanical failures, passengers with body odor worse than your own, running out of jet fuel, and then there’s the obvious risk of the pilot and the co-pilot falling asleep in the cockpit and having forgotten to turn on the autopilot. And if none of that happens, there’s always the off chance that the plane’s engine will catch on fire mid-flight.

On a recent Australian flight, the latter is exactly what happened. Brad McCoy, a passenger on the flight, looked out his window and noticed the shooting flames coming from one of the plan’s engines. Now think about this for a moment – if this were you, what would you do? Would you pray? Would you try and calm everyone down as they prepared for the inevitable? Would you just stare death in the face? Or, perhaps would you be more like Mr. McCoy, who simply took out his cell phone and started to record the whole ordeal.

Passenger Films Plane's Burning Engine With Mobile

Luckily, for everyone who was involved, this story had a happy ending landing, and thankfully none of the 92 passengers who were onboard were physically injured at all.

Now, I have to ask – what kind of world do we live in where we record our supposed final moments instead of actually living in them? Regardless, I guess he now has an interesting video to show anyone who’ll watch.


Again, what would you do in the above situation? Let us know in the comments.


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