Florida Man Used Cell Phone Jammer On Highway For 2 Years

I don’t exactly know how you feel about people talking on their cell phones while driving, but it certainly annoys some people more than it does others. While there are those who claim it’s perfectly safe, there are still others who think it distracts a driver too much to safely operate a vehicle. Even if you hate the fact that some people drive and talk, you’ve probably never gone to any kind of extreme measures to prevent it from happening around you. After all, what could you even do in the first place? I guess you could try giving out dirty looks until each car around you ends their call(s), but good luck with that. Or, you could just go out and get yourself a cell phone jammer and prevent anyone around you within a certain radius from making any type of cell phone call.

At least that’s the length one Florida man went to so he could make sure all of the drivers on the road around him focused solely on their driving

Jason Humphreys, a 60-year-old from Florida, used a personal cell phone jammer for 2 years whenever he decided to drive anywhere.

Florida Man Used Cell Phone Jammer For 2 Years On Highway

Obviously, while he was using the cell phone jammer, no vehicles within a certain distance were able to make or receive any type of phone calls. This worked out well for Humphreys until certain phone providers were noticing some peculiar activity around the town of Tampa. Eventually, it was discovered that certain frequencies which jammed cell phones were coming out of the vehicle driven by Humphreys.

It took a while, but Humphreys was eventually pulled over by the police who found the jammer in the car. He now must pay $48,000 in fines. Jeez – all this because he didn’t want anyone to talk on the phone while they were driving.


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