Build Your Own Iron Man Suit!

Two friends have worked together to create a replica of the Iron Man suit, complete with moving parts. Greg Hatter built the actual suit, while Jerome Kelty got some of the parts moving.

The suit, which has been made from molded fiberglass, has been designed so that the helmet, forearm missile, hip pods and the back flaps can all be moved. Complete with the illuminated arc reactor on the chest, the suit also has boots that play a sound effect when you move around.

Build Your Own Iron Man Suit!

To get these parts moving, Jerome used an Arduino Pro and three Arduino Pro Minis. To make it easier to remove, the helmet can be controlled wirelessly via an Xbee radio. By attaching RFID tags and an RFID reader on to the gloves, all the moving parts can be triggered.

Iron Man suit

If you want to build your own animatronic Iron Man suit, then head over to Hack A Day or Instructables where Jerome Kelty has posted detailed logs as well as the code you’ll need for the task.

Iron Man Glove


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