Samsung Confirm Fingerprint Scanner In Galaxy S5

Previous announcements had asserted that the fingerprint scanner in the Samsung Galaxy S5 would be located behind the screen. It was proposed that customers would be able to unlock phones by putting their registered finger (or thumb) on any location on the screen.  However, the Samsung Galaxy S5’s fingerprint scanner will be located in its home button, not behind the screen.

Those familiar with the phone have said that the scanner will work by running a finger flat across the home button at a medium speed.  This is a similar approach used by Apple with its fingerprint scanner on the iPhone 5S.  However, Apple uses a stationary read.  It is unsure why Samsung would use a moving scan as it increases the chances of it misreading a fingerprint.

Galaxy S5

The report also suggests users will also be enabled to register up to seven other fingers (imagine that!). The benefits? Users will be able to quickly use certain applications and functions.  However, Samsung will not be getting rid of pin codes; they will still be an option for those who do not want to take advantage of the fingerprint scanner.  Originally, there were rumours that Samsung were going to adopt iris scanning technology (which would have been really cool) in their smartphone but it was thought that it would be too difficult to scan eyes in darkened rooms and thus, dumped this idea.

The increase in smartphone makers using fingerprint scanners is thought to be because of the increase in mobile phone thieves.   Fingerprint scanners will, in theory, put off potential pick-pockets and robbers (though I am sure they are unable to see through pockets and usually have a no-returns policy even if the phone is not desirable).  US senators have recently put forward a bill that will make it obligatory for phone creators to incorporate a ‘kill switch’ in their phones after it came to light that in some cities, the greater number of robberies included a mobile phone, this is sometimes dubbed ‘apple picking’.

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