Thief allegedly rips tablet from 2-year-old’s hands

A car is stopped by two men in San Francisco. One man confronts the driver. The other allegedly reaches into the back seat and steals a tablet from a toddler who’s playing with it.


Some like to believe that thievery carries with it a touch of honor.

When it comes to stealing gadgets, however, it seems no one is safe.

On Thursday evening, a man was driving in San Francisco, trying to park his car. As per World report, two men came over to him.

One told him he couldn’t park in that particular part of the city’s Mission District. The other, police say, opened the back door and took a tablet out of a passenger’s hands.

The passenger was 2 years old.

San Francisco Police Department spokesman Officer Albie Esparza told PC World: “It’s not very common for children to be victims of robbery.”

Some might say it’s not very common for children to be sitting in the back of a car playing on a tablet


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