Best of Russian Dash Cam Videos 1/17/2014

Russian dash cam videos on YouTube have turned into a cottage industry for some subscribers who compile the best examples, taken from hundreds of videos posted daily by drivers who want to have a permanent, visible record of what passes before them on those treacherous Russian roads.

Especially in Winter.

est Of Russian Dash Cam Videos 1/17/2014

It’s a rarer phenomenon in the west, making it all the more fascinating, if only to see that Russian motorists seem to earn their reputation as, shall we say, inattentive drivers.

In any weather.

So, have a look at this roundup of some of the best Russian dash cam videos on YouTube for the week of 1/17/2014:

Not the best way to catch a bus

It seems some bus drivers know that game of blocking them in so your girlfriend isn’t late for work. Unfortunately, this one doesn’t play nice.



No way to make a living

Pedestrians looking to file a false insurance claim are the number 1 reason Russian dash cams are pretty much standard equipment. At least this inebriated faker had the good sense to know when he’s not fooling anybody. Until the next time?



Parking a City Bus 101:

Emergency brake, emergency brake, emergency brake!

What’s with Russian drivers and buses?



No good deed goes unpunished

Stopping your big rig to help a fellow citizen in distress is a noble cause. But it doesn’t always work out for the best.



Uphill Joyride

Not all of these videos are so bleak and wintry. This one brings a little sunshine into the mix, and not just because it’s from a few months back, well before the cold weather (and bad behavior) set in.

This driver sees a woman in a wheelchair having a tough time rolling up a steep hill outside an apartment complex. Without hesitation, this Good Samaritan jumps out of his car (parked at the optimal Russian dash cam angle, of course) and pushes the grateful woman up the incline at jogging speed.

It actually looks like she throws her hands into the wind with joy, and even the driver seems to be having a blast.

Who says chivalry is dead?

Tune in next time for another edition of Russian dash cam video roundup.


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