Xbox One News: Microsoft Offers $100 Off on Old Console Trade In

Want to buy an Xbox One but don’t quite have $500 saved up yet? Still hanging on to that Xbox 360? PS3?

Well, today’s your lucky day.

Now through March 2, 2014, Microsoft Store is offering a $100 trade-in discount on the Xbox One for walk in customers at select retail outlets to use towards purchasing the new deck.

Just bring your dusty old Xbox 360, 360 E or PS3 along with about 400 bucks and you can walk out with the hottest gaming console of 2014. So far.

Wait. What? The PS3? What’s THAT all about?

In a move to stimulate sales of the pricey-ish Xbox One, Microsoft wants to wipe out the competition (even from itself) and erase the memories of 360 lovers and PS3 lovers by making the new console more affordable to gamers still sitting on the fence, waiting for the inevitable price drop.

Sounds great, but then there’s the small print.

Microsoft Offers Xbox One Discount

According to the announcement on Microsoft Store, the “product must power on and be in fully functional, working condition without broken/missing components, cracked display/housing or liquid damage, cannot be password protected, and include original chargers/accessories.”

What are the chances? Especially that “liquid damage” part.

Also, it’s not a cash deal. The offer is for store credit towards the same day purchase of an Xbox One.

And there’s always that scary euphemism, “UP TO $100″ based on condition and in-store appraisal of the trade-in equipment. Does that mean the retail associate makes the decision?

That seems like a lot of pressure to put on a lowly sales clerk. What are the chances some customers don’t get the full discount?

Well, Microsoft does reserve the right to pull the deal anytime before March 2, invoking the almighty “while supplies last” caveat.

Still, it sounds like a pretty good deal.

For everybody but Sony.

Photo source: Microsoft Store

Photo source: Microsoft Store


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